Tiles & resin in LOT's hangar.From the beginning of development, tiles and synthetic resin were found to have broad applications. The amount of room that they can be arranged in, acts as they are a universal material. Universality is a result of durability, aesthetics and functionality. Synthetic resin is produced in several fundamental ways:

poured out,

Tiles & resin in manufacturing hall.Partition is a result of a technique in applying the material, and the effect is, the obtainment of a tile with usable properties. Selection of the system depends mainly on the expected mechanical load, although crucial are also chemical resistance requirements and physical properties.


Typical solution to tiles & resin

resin system
concrete slab
base layer
dirt base

To recapitulate, synthetic resin can be applied in all places. This of course requires consultation with manufacturing companies, that possess the right qualifications and experience.

Conditions for the completion of synthetic resin:

1. The concrete bedding should be done according with PN 62/B-10144.
2. The thickness of the concrete base and reinforcement must be compatible with the amount of the expected usage requirements.
3. The concrete base placed on the ground must possess the standard isolation anti-humidity standards.
4. Concrete grade: min. B-25
5. The amount of time for concrete maturation: min. 28 days
6. Concrete humidity weight: max   5 %
or relative humidity: max 93 %
7. Straightness of concrete in a random place in patched segment of 2 m
- with concrete tiles: ± 5 mm/m2
- with mortar tiles: ± 3 mm/m2
8. Variation from designed ordination on total length and width of area: max 5 mm
9. Required slope of tile should be shaped in the concrete bedding.
10. The outer layer of cement milk must be removed.
11. Cement bedding should be homogeneous, without fissures, cracks and left overs, dust and any loose fragments must be removed.

Conditions for laying of tiles:

1. Epoxy tiles should be placed after the completion of all building works, this includes last finishings & installations.
2. The area in which the tiles are being laid must be excluded and secured from any access.
3. Minimal concrete bedding temperature should be + 15 ºC
4. Minimal room temperature should be +  15 ºC
5. The relative humidity should not exceed 70 %
6. The area should be ventilated (gravitationally or mechanically).